Mark Davies
Professor of Linguistics

Mark Davies
Professor of Linguistics

The following are links to the Google Scholar profiles for Professors and Associate Professors in the College of Humanities at BYU, who had a Google Scholar profile in October 2020. As can be seen, one person had roughly one third of the total citations for the (Full) Professors and Associate Professors in the entire college. This list was created at roughly the same time that Mark Davies "retired" from BYU in 2020.

  Name (click for Google Scholar profile) # citations* Rank Department
1 Mark Davies 6429 Professor Linguistics

Everyone else

2 Deryle Lonsdale 2861Assoc Professor Linguistics
3 Dan Dewey 2019Professor Linguistics
4 Greg Clark 1369 Professor English
5 Jennifer Bown 1058Professor German and Russian
6 Dave Eddington 718Professor Linguistics
7 Rob Martinsen 646Assoc Professor Spanish and Portuguese
8 Allen Christenson 376Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
9 Wendy Smemoe 334Assoc Professor Linguistics
10 Troy Cox 263Assoc Professor Linguistics
11 Nicholas Mason 242 Professor English
12 Earl Brown 222Assoc Professor Linguistics
13 Eric Eliason 220 Professor English
14 Matthew Wickman 198 Professor English
15 Chris Crowe 194Professor English
16 Teresa Bell 172Assoc Professor German and Russian
17 Marc Olivier 153 Professor French and Italian
18 Ben Crosby 119Assoc Professor English
19 Brian Price 108 Professor Spanish and Portuguese
20 Carl Sederholm 106Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
21 Paul Westover 106Assoc Professor English
22 Heather Belnap100 Assoc Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
23 Scott Miller (Dean)87 Professor Asian and Near Eastern Languages
24 Frank Christianson (Assoc Dean)61 Professor English
25 Julie Allen 59Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
26 Kristin Matthews 46Professor English
27Emron Esplin 40Assoc Professor English
28 Rex Nielson 38Assoc Professor Spanish and Portuguese
29Daryl Lee 34Professor French and Italian
30Lynn Williams 31Professor Spanish and Portuguese
31David Laraway 28Professor Philosophy
32Marlene Esplin 23Assoc Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
33Peter Leman 21Assoc Professor English
34 Patrick Madden20 Professor English
35 Leslee Thorne-Murphy (Assoc Dean)16 Professor English
36 Corry Cropper (Assoc Dean)16 Professor French and Italian
37David Jensen 16Assoc Professor Philosophy
38Christian Clement 14Assoc Professor German and Russian
39Michelle James 10Assoc Professor German and Russian
40Anna-Lisa Halling 3Assoc Professor Spanish and Portuguese

TOTAL: Everyone else


*:  the number of citations for the previous five years, based on the Google Scholar data from October 2020 (soon after Mark Davies "retired" from BYU). By limiting the results to just the previous five years, there would be no bias towards people had been in the profession for a longer period of time. This is the same reason that we only look at Full and Associate Professors. It would be unfair to compare to Assistant Professors, who presumably would have only been publishing for seven years or less -- not enough time for a good comparison to those who had been publishing for 15-20 years or more.

The following are other (Full) Professors and Associate Professor, who appear not to have Google Scholar profiles. (We have searched for each of these professors individually in Google Scholar. If you are aware of any of these professors that do have a profile, please let us know.)

Full Professors: Dana Bourgerie, Daniel C. Peterson, David Honey, Donald Parry, John Gee, R. Kirk Belnap, Richard McBride II, Stephen Ricks, Charlotte A Stanford, Francesca Lawson, George Handley, Joseph Parry, Larry Peer, Martha Peacock, Thomas Wayment, Brett McInelly, Deborah Dean, Dennis Cutchins, Dennis Perry, Kimberly Johnson, Lance Larsen, , Marie Orton, Yvon LeBras, Grant Lundberg, Hans-Wilhelm Kelling, Rob McFarland, Tony Brown, Alan Manning, Janis Nuckolls, Lynn Henrichsen, Norman Evans, Ray Clifford, Blair Bateman, Dale Pratt, Doug Weatherford, Erik Alder, Greg Thompson, Jeff Turley, Lin Sherman, Mara Garcia, Scott Alvord, Valerie Hegstrom.

Associate Professors: Jack Stoneman, James Toronto, Paul Warnick, Spencer Scoville, Steve Riep, Cecilia Peek, James Swensen, Marc Yamada, Matthew Ancell, Michael Call, Mike Pope, Nate Kramer, Robert Colson III, Roger Macfarlane, Seth Jeppesen, Stephen Bay, Aaron Eastley, Brian Jackson, Brian Roberts, Bruce Young, David Stock, Dawan Coombs, Edward Cutler, Jamie Horrocks, Jamin Rowan, Jill Rudy, Joey Franklin, John Talbot, Jon Ostenson, Keith Lawrence, Miranda Wilcox, Nancy Christiansen, Phil Snyder, Stephen Tuttle, Trent Hickman, Anca Sprenger, Bob Hudson, Jennifer Haraguchi, Laura Catharine Smith, Mark Purves, Michael Kelly, Tom Spencer, Dallin Oaks, Dirk Elzinga, Don Chapman, Jeremy Browne, Ryan Christensen, Travis Anderson, Erik Larson, Gregory Stallings, Rob Smead, Willis Fails.

It is possible that some of these individuals had a number of citations to their research as well. Our experience, however, is that those faculty who would have the "most robust" Google Scholar profiles (i.e. who have published the most, and who have been cited the most) are the ones who actually bother to create one in the first place. For example, Linguistics is the department in the College of Humanities that (per capita) has the highest number of publications every year (2x-3x the college average), and it also has the highest percentage of faculty with Google Scholar profiles.